Excellence in quality of service, friendliness and caring

Welcome to Florida Special Needs Dentistry. Our specialist doctors have partnered to offer outstanding care for those patients whose debilitating needs prevent them from receiving treatment in a traditional dental setting

We treat the patients that no one else can

At Florida Special Needs Dentistry we offer a location for your child or loved one to receive all their needs under general anesthesia. We divide the care into three phases. The first phase is our evaluation and treatment plan. During this appointment, the patient is given general anesthesia while we complete a thorough cleaning, impressions, x-rays and small restorations or single extractions. The second phase is comprehensive treatment under general anesthesia where all restorative needs and extractions are completed in a few hours. The third phase is for more complicated cases that require additional or more complicated treatments including surgery, implants, or grafting. Once a patient completes their initial phase of treatment, they are placed on a yearly maintenance that is also completed under general anesthesia.

Patients are selected based on medical need and inability to stay seated during their appointments in traditional general or pediatric dentist offices. Patient's families will call 352-242-0149 to schedule. Then the anesthesiologist will discuss the patients medical and physical condition via phone. Your first appointment will result in an evaluation and treatment.